Return to Archery: Phase 1 - Restricted Shooting

I thought I would update you on where we are following the guidance issued by Archery GB last week on returning to shooting.

The Management Committee voted on Monday night that we should look to resume shooting at North Cheshire Bowmen but it will be on a very controlled and restricted basis. The indoor range is out of bounds and is not to be used and all shooting must take place outside.

As we have to control the numbers at the club and ensure that members are complying with government guidelines and Archery GB’s Phase 1 Restricted Shooting guidance we will, initially, only be allowing shooting outside on a Saturday (09:00 – 19:30hrs) and Sunday (09:00 to 18:00hrs). Extending this to other days will be reviewed on an ongoing basis taking in to account the risk to our equipment and the number of volunteers we have available.

Whether we can do this will be totally and utterly dependant on us finding volunteers to:

1.       Create a small dedicated team of volunteers who are able to come down and set the outdoor range up on the Saturday morning and then come on the Sunday afternoon to take it down and disinfect the stands, bosses etc.

2.       Supervise the shooting sessions to ensure that members comply with social distancing, Archery GBs Return to Archery Guide to Archers and the club’s risk assessment which will be made available to all members in due course.

This will not be a short-term commitment for those who volunteer as we have no idea as to when we would move to Archery GB’s Phase 2.

We cannot set a date for the commencement of shooting as we need the volunteers first because without them, we cannot do this and the club will remain closed.

As has already been stated and in line with Archery GB guidance allowing members to shoot has to be controlled therefore, we will be limiting the number of archers who can be at the club so there will be only 5 targets available to shoot on. This means we will be able to accommodate 5 solo archers or up to 2 family groups each on their own target with 3/4 solo archers on the other targets.

The targets will be at set Imperial distances and will not be moved.

Members will be able to book a single slot on each of the days. A slot will be 90 minutes long giving members 15 mins to arrive and set up, 60 minutes shooting time and 15 minutes to back up and leave the club. Members should not arrive before their booked time and must leave at the end of it.

There are other tasks to complete before we can ‘go live’, such as:

1.       Provide members with target faces and target pins.

2.       Purchase disinfectant, clothes, gloves for the volunteers etc.

3.       Set up the online booking tool. This is the best way we can manage the booking of the targets/times and we have to decide which is the best for us to use.

As I have already stated finding volunteers is the key element to us being able to resume some form of shooting. However, we are all fully aware that this is an unprecedented and anxious time and I fully understand that members may not feel comfortable making themselves available.

If any member would be comfortable to volunteer please could you email me by 27 May 2020 and let me know what you would be like to do.

All the best,

North Cheshire Bowmen