The Club Coach is elected each April, as part of the Annual General Meeting. The current holder of this position is:


Hugh Foster (UKCC Level 1 coach) - email:


In addition the club currently has eight other qualified coaches:

   - Tony Cooper (Level 2)

   - Stuart Jenness (Level 2)

   - Angus Reynolds (Level 1)  

  - Steve Dunn (Level 1)

   - Tony Allan (Level 1)

   - Malcolm Tudor (Level 1)

   - Shaun Allan (Level 1)

   - Wayne Howman (Level 1)


The coaches may be approached by any member of the club seeking help with any aspect of their shooting or equipment. Note that it is current coaching practice for the coach not to unilaterally offer advice unprompted. It is therefore up to the archer to approach the coach and ask for help (not the other way around).  This is to safeguard archers who may wish to shoot in their own style and do not want to be 'corrected' by the coaches.


More advanced coaching support is also provided to the club by the local county, Cheshire Archery Association. At present this takes the form of a visit (usually) on the second Wednesday of each month by senior coaches from CAA.  


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