Open Shoots - Summer

This is a list of shoots hosted by other clubs. It's not exhaustive, or "official" in any way. Largely, it's a list of shoots I've either been to and enjoyed, or like the look of and would like to do. If anyone wants to add any to this list, drop me a line and let me know.

If there's no date, I don't yet know what it is - if you do, let me know and I'll update! Otherwise I'll update the list as time goes on.

Date Event Round Where Type Notes
24th Crazy National Nationals White Rose L
Dewi Sant Field Tournament FITA 12/12 Field Warbow Wales, Flintshire L Field shoot
7th Abbeydale Windsor Abbeydale Archers L  
8th Open Spring Shoot York/Hereford, National/Junior National Wolverhampton Company of Archers O  
15th Early Bird Albion Albion Assheton O  
  Junior Metric Open Metrics Bowmen of Warrington O Junior Shoot
21st Novice Shoot Westerns Goldcrest Archers O For archers of < 2 years experience
22nd Adel St George 2-Way Western
Shoot-off for Royal Armouries Arrow
Bowmen of Adel L  
5th Open Longbow 2-Way Western Chantry L  
7th RS/Tassel Open Clout WA Metric Clout CAA O Clout
12th-13th NCB Open WA1440 WA1440 North Cheshire Bowmen O You can shoot if you help out too!
Double WA 720 50m
Double WA 720 70m & 60m
WA 720 50m, 60m, 70m Eccles O  
19th CCB Junior Nationals CCB O Junior Shoot
20th Open Western Western Bebington O  
27th Open Clout Champs Double 1-Way GNAS Clout Burton Bridge Archers O Clout
  Stalybridge Clout Practice Day Metric Clouts, all distances Stalybridge O A great day to try clout if you never have, and to practice for the season if you have
9th LAA FITA Star and Champs WA1440 Assheton O Entry through LAA
17th Kedelston Windsor DAC L Kedeslston Hall
27th-29th GNAM York/Hereford Archery GB O Usually a large NCB contingent and a fun 3 days
1st Chester WA 1440 Star WA 1440 CCB O  
7th Chantry Sword 2-Way Stafford Chantry L  
22nd LAA (Blundelsands) Clout Clout Blundelsands O Can be a bit windy!
Entry Form Here
21st 22nd New Century Open Double York New Century O  
  RS Windsors Windsors Wirral Archers O  
29th NWAS Open Champs Hereford Corus O Form available here
4th 5th Cheshire Weekend WA 1440 & Metrics
4th YAA LB Champs 2-Way York/Double National Archers of East Riding L  
11th Chantry Double American Double American Chantry O  
12th WR Status 720/H2H WA 720 / H2H Wigan and Orrell O  
12th NCAS Flight Champs Flight Leeds East Airport O Flight
19th DCAA Open Clout Double 1-Way GNAS Clout Burton Bridge Archers O  
26th Battle of Burton Bridge Knights Burton Bridge Archers L Clout with Knights!
BH Weekend Tri-Clout 3 different Clouts Goldcrest O Clout
  Pomfret 60 Custom Round, Wand, Bear Wakefield Archers L  
  Open York RS York/Hereford Assheton O  
15th Chantry Crecy Knights Chantry L Clout with Knights!
13th Great Western Great Western Chantry O Custom Round
  CCB Open Field FITA 24 Marked and Unmarked CCB   Field
22nd Azincourt Custom Round Samlesbury LB L Knights and Castles and Wands

Type L = Longbow, O = Open