Club Colours and Clothing


North Cheshire Bowmen has chosen the following items of club clothing. This means that they may be worn at shoots run under ArcheryGB rules in place of, or in conjunction with, the normal Dark Green & White dress regulations (rule 307).

As of June 2019, we have switched to a new supplier, who - unlike the previous one - has no minimum order. This means that if you want a shirt, you can just order one, rather than waiting for a 'batch' or a 'window'.

Other designs can be added, please feed back to the committee what you would like to see.

Whilst club members are free to obtain their clothing from whereever they wish, it should be noted that these shirts can be ordered via the Buccaneer Web Shop.


The club has also (since its inception) registered with Archery GB its own unique Club Tassel, the colours for which are

If you wish to make yourself one, it is advisable to use either pure wool, or a high wool blend, in order that it should work successfully in cleaning mud or drying water from arrows. Acrylic does not absorb water, and so does not work effectively