The NCB 252 Award Scheme

The NCB 252 award is designed to encourage our members to practise their shooting outdoors at different distances and to recognise their achievement as they progress through the gaining of badges.

After six sighters, you shoot three dozen arrows on a 122cm face at your chosen distance. The 252 round can be shot at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 or 100 yards with the aim of scoring 252 or better (alternative scores apply for other bow types). If you are a senior member and achieve the score twice you can claim a badge, junior members only have to achieve the score once. Additionally, we have introduced the Green award specifically for our junior members.

The NCB 252 award scheme is similar to that in use at many archery clubs in the UK and applies to all archers, irrespective of age, ability or bow type (scores differ by bow type).

The Rules:

To make an award claim:

Completed score sheets to be submitted to the club’s NCB 252 Record’s Officer.

 The NCB 252 awards that can be gained by members are as follows:

*Junior members only

Award badges, examples below, will be presented to successful archers at a club competition following submission of the required number of NCB 252 Score Sheets or can be collected from the NCB 252 Records Officer if unable to attend the competition. 

NCB 252 Badges

Badges cost £2.50 each.

Good Luck!

Gwyn Pickering
NCB 252 Records Officer