Fixture List Correction
Please note that the fixture list was in error, and that the Friendly between North Cheshire and New Century 6th Jan 2019 is at New Century not North Cheshire Bowmen!

The following club shoot results have been updated, click the shoot name to view
Castlebank Cup
Novices Shoot

Winter Season Fixtures List is Out!
Click Here for the list of fixtures, events and Away shoots for the Winter 2018/2019! There's a good mix of regular indoor target, fun shoots and open shoots at other clubs for you to go and compete in, as well as dates when something else is happening that means the range is closed. Don't forget the Annual Dinner and Prizegiving in January - come and mingle with your clubmates, clap those who won something, and hopefully win something yourself!

Handicap and classification updates Oct 30th
Natalie Mercer has achieved a handicap of 79 and a classification of 3rd class.
Andy Dickinson has achieved a handicap of 64.
Rachel Watson has achieved a handicap of 34.
Louise Barber-Redmore has achieved a handicap of 46 and a classification of D.
Martin Barber-Redmore has achieved a handicap of 32.
Ian Terry (Rec) has achieved a handicap of 40.

This Winter's Beginner Courses
This year's course dates are as follows:
- Sept 1st to Oct 13th, Saturdays
- Oct 10th to Nov 21st, Wednesdays
- Nov 24th to Dec 29th, Saturdays
- Jan 9th to Feb 20th, Wednesdays
- Feb 16th to March 30th, Wednesdays
The range is closed for the Saturday courses (9am - 12pm) but you can shoot alongside the Wednesday ones except for the first week when the beginners start at 5 yards.

Badges! We all love Badges!
A description of how Classification Badges work is here