AGM Updates
The Committee page has been updated to reflect the current members of the Management Committee.
The Indoor Awards Page has been updated to show the winners of last winter's indoor trophies

New Club Shirt Supplier
A new supplier for club shirts and fleeces has been selected. Buccaneer have no minimum order, meaning you can simply order what you want straight off their site without waiting for a 'batch' to be gathered or a 'window' to open. Yay!

Results Updates September 8th
The following club shoot results have been updated, click the shoot name to view
Club Handicap, Outdoor Championships.

Handicap and Classification Updates September 8th

Paul Forster has achieved a handicap of 40.

Louise Barber-Redmore has achieved a handicap of 48.

Jane Miller has achieved a handicap of 57.

Badges! We all love Badges!
A description of how Classification Badges work is here