Summer Season Outdoor Awards
A list of the winners of the Club Awards for the summer 2018 season, presented at the Annual Dinner, are to be found here

Results Updates Jan 14th
The following club shoot results have been updated, click the shoot name to view
Monthly Bray League Scores

Handicap and Classification Updates Jan 2nd
Steve Dunn has done the new year reclassification for outdoors. The changes here but they will appear on the Classification pages soon

Lin Tavlin has achieved a handicap of 27.
Cliff Robertson has achieved a handicap of 68 and a classification of F

Please Note: The Classification Lists on the website have been updated so that only current members are shown. If your name has disappeared and it shouldn't have, you can either let me know, or simply put in scores so that Steve includes you in the next update!

This Winter's Beginner Courses
This year's remaining course dates are as follows:
- Jan 9th to Feb 20th, Wednesdays
- Feb 16th to March 30th, Wednesdays
The range is closed for the Saturday courses (9am - 12pm) but you can shoot alongside the Wednesday ones except for the first week when the beginners start at 5 yards.

Badges! We all love Badges!
A description of how Classification Badges work is here