North Cheshire Bowmenís Library



Guide to Better Archery


Thomas A. Forbes



First Published



The Telegraph Press


p307;  60 drawings; 1 photo


A US archer's guide from the 1950's. Although nominally dealing with all aspects of archery, in reality this book is mostly given over to bow-hunting, so it is more of academic rather than practical value to the UK archer.


  • Evolution and the Bow
  • Transition Period
  • Selecting the First Bow
  • Target Shooting Technique
  • Aiming on the Target Range
  • Scoring and Classification of Archers
  • Rounds
  • Organizing an Archery Club
  • Construction of a Field Roving Course
  • Tournaments
  • Bow Hunting Prerequisites
  • The Bow - Types, Materials and Characteristics
  • Ammunition for the Bow
  • The Bow Hunter
  • Shooting a Hunting Bow
  • Moving Targets
  • The Bowhunter's Vacation Budget
  • The Bow Sight - Advantages and Limitations
  • A Safety Code
  • The Bow String
  • Building a tackle Box
  • Novelty Shoots
  • Hunting by the Map
  • The Needle Points North
  • Dressing, Preserving and Cooking Venison
  • Food and Cover program for a Field Course
  • A Survey of Bowhunting Opportunities in Various States
  • Glossary of Archery Terms



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