North Cheshire Bowmenís Library



The Archer's Craft


Adrian Eliot Hodgkin



First Published



Faber & Faber


p222; c.60 b/w photos; 6 diagrams


"In which are set down certain matters concerning Archers and Archery, the making of Archer's Tackle and the Art of Hunting with the Bow"

A fine book by a knowlegable bowyer. As well as a run though the history of archery, the book mainly covers the manufacture of bows and other equipment, and also has a large section on bow hunting written just before it was banned in Britain. Also contains interesting sections on songs and sayings in the English language associated with archery.


  • The Old English Archer
  • Roger Ascham
  • The Decline of Archery
  • Tools and Materials
  • Bowstrings
  • The Bow
  • Arrows
  • Arrowheads
  • Sundry Gear
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Shooting
  • General Obsrvations on Bow Hunting
  • The Book of Roi Modus
  • The Livre de Chasse
  • A Minor Note
  • Envoi
  • Old English
  • A Calendar of English Military Archery
  • Statutes of the Realm Relating to Archery
  • Three Songs


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