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Archery - The Art of Repetition


Simon S. Needham


1 86126 869 6

First Published





pp191; c200 b/w photos; numerous diagrams


"In order to succeed at anything one needs to be determined and also to have the support of others. Reaching the Olympics in Sydney in 2000 necessitated a huge personal effort but it also required the support and encouragement of family members, friends and work colleagues. It should be noted that when obstacles emerged this only hardened my resolve to succeed. So that the knowledge acquired while reaching for the top in archery should not be lost, I was encouraged to write it down..."

An excellent modern book for the intermediate/advanced archer, looking to progress to a higher level of performance. Covers a wide range of topics, including the mental approach, fitness and nutruition.


  • Starting Out
  • Choosing and Using Equipment
  • Setting Up Your Equipment
  • Initial Tuning
  • The Biomechanics of Shooting
  • Fitness
  • Competitions, Training and Practice
  • Nutrition
  • Making the Most of Your Mind
  • Arrow Selection and Preparation
  • Making Bowstrings
  • Better Shooting
  • Fine-Tuning Your Equipment
  • Top Tips
  • References
  • Glossary
  • Useful Addresses

Kindly loaned by Angus Reynolds



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