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The Badminton Library - Archery


C.J. Longman and H. Walrond



First Published



Fredrick Ungar


p524, 22 photos; 130 drawings


A comprehensive review of archery up to the end of the nineteenth century. Sections on the pre-historic development of the various forms of the bow, though its ancient uses in warfare and hunting, to its re-emergence as a genteel sporting pastime.

Includes a lot of fascinating social history and portraits of key figures, clubs, meetings, many competition scores and outlines archery institutions from the Victorian era.


  • Prehistoric Archery
  • Forms of the Bow
  • Notes on Ancient Archery
  • Methods of Drawing and Loosing
  • Savage Archery
  • Military Archery in the Middle Ages
  • Archery Tackle in the Middle Ages
  • The Decadence of Archery
  • Archery as a Pastime
  • The Grand National and other Meetings
  • Some old Archery Societies
  • Scottish Archery
  • The Royal Toxophilite Society
  • The Woodmen of Arden
  • Archery of the Past - Some of the archers and their scores
  • The Bow
  • The Arrow
  • The String, Bracer, and other Implements
  • Practical Instructions in Shooting
  • Ladies Archery
  • On the Management of Public Meetings
  • On Scores
  • The Range and Penetration of the English Longbow
  • Archery Prizes and Handicapping
  • Archery in the US
  • Bibliography

One of the copies kindly on loan from Angus Reynolds.

An online copy of this book is also available at The Archery Library.



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